Our Response to Faith is to Serve in the World

We Serve the World by:

  • Promoting the use of local EUC Building Facilities by Community Groups.
  • Participation in the United Church of Canada’s Mission and Service Fund.
  • The Observer-on-Tape Project.
  • The “Open Door Cafe,” a regular weekly meal program for the Local Community
  • Sending and Supporting International Mission teams

Open Door CafeOpen Door Cafe

Wednesdays from 11:30 to 1:00

The Open Door Cafe is a weekly prepared meals program. It offers hot lunches for those who may have trouble making ends meet or for seniors or others who would like to have someone with whom to share a meal. There is no cost. Donations are gratefully accepted. All are welcome!

You can donate to the Open Door Cafe anytime through Eastminster United Church, just indicate that your donation is for the Open Door Cafe. 100% of your donation to the Open Door Cafe is used for food, supplies, or equipment used by the program.

Use of EUC Facilities by Community Groups

As part of our commitment to our neighbours, we regularly offer the use of our building space and facilities to community groups.

If you are interested in finding out more about this service, please read the Building Use section of our website.


“Observer-on-Tape” is a free service that records the national magazine of The United Church of Canada on audio cassettes and distributes them across Canada to blind and other print-challenged subscribers.

This initiative is a project of Eastminster United Church (Belleville) A.O.T.S. Men’s Club. Each month, an advance copy of The Observer is delivered to the project volunteers who read its contents onto three 90-minute audio cassette tapes. Readers try to include all articles, columns and news items. They also give verbal descriptions of associated photographs. These tapes are then loaned by mail to subscribers who return them, also by mail, when they have finished listening to them.

Those who wish to receive The Observer On Tape need only complete the form attached to the pamphlet and send it to the address provided. If you prefer, call Eastminster Church at 613-969-5212 or e-mail your request to echurch@eastminster.on.ca. There is no charge for this service.

This service is provided free of charge to any blind or other print-challenged person across Canada. You can help by promoting it in your congregation and community. Identify those who might appreciate the tapes and then take a few moments to explain to them how the project works. You might offer to help them complete the Request Form.

Download the pamphlet and form