Building Use

We believe that our church building and other material resources are gifts which have been inherited from those who have gone before us or those who have been our partners in ministry.  As we thank God for these blessings, we accept the duty which is attached to providence, that we should use these gifts to give glory to God through service to the people of God.  We are therefore committed to sharing our building and facilities with those whose purposes are consistent with our own, while at the same time ensuring that we practice good stewardship of these resources.

Use of the church building and facilities is limited to those organizations and groups whose non-profit activities are in accordance with the purpose and principles of Eastminster United Church.

Arrangements for use of church facilities can be made through Church Office (613-969-5212).  The office staff maintains a complete schedule of building use.  Bookings will be made on a “first come” basis, with the possibility of negotiations with others booked earlier.